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Utilities & Taxes

Asset  Management


The Village uses groundwater (well) as the primary source of our drinking water.  The well uses the ground as a natural physical filter which means that the Village does not require a water treatment plant like many communities.  Our water is tested regularly and the results of those tests are posted on this webpage. The well water is pumped to two reservoirs.  The Village also maintains a surface water intake on McKelvie Creek as a backup source of drinking water.


Water Quality Testing

All water suppliers in British Columbia are required to monitor water that reaches consumers. Island Health has established water testing requirements as a condition of the Village’s Operating Permit. The Village has developed and will implement operating procedures to ensure all testing is carried out in accordance with our Operating Permit. This will include development of a well head protection plan.


The well uses the ground as a natural physical filter which meets Island Health’s drinking water standards. The Village’s drinking water is sampled and tested on a regular basis.


The Village of Tahsis water system capacity can easily handle a population in excess of 2,500. The sewage system has two treatment plants. The second treatment plant was established in anticipation of additional subdivisions, so the Village sewage system has capacity for future growth


Solid waste.

Tahsis has an active recycling program in partnership with Multi-Material BC to reduce the volume of solid waste that might otherwise end up in the Tahsis landfill. The landfill is managed by the Village on behalf of Comox Strathcona Waste Management and is open Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tahsis also provides weekly curb-side garbage pickup weekly. The “Free Store” next to the recycling depot is where residents can drop off and pick up used items such as furniture, clothing and appliances.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are an important source of revenue to pay for Village services and programs. Property taxes are reduced by the Homeowner Grant if the Tahsis property is the homeowner’s primary address. Water, sewer and garbage utility fees are established by bylaws. Information about property taxes and utility fees is available at the Village Office.


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