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Economic Opportunities


Tahsis has a well-conceived and established civic infrastructure. The village council has had the good sense to foresee the immense potential of the Nootka Sound area and put our resources where they can count most. There are two sewage treatment plants, water treatment, plenty of electricity, a medical center, library, recreation centre and more.


Business is diversifying, and Tahsis is developing new strategies for creating sustainable industries and employment. While the village is still transitioning from changes in the forest industry, over 130 small- to medium-sized businesses are operating in the Tahsis area. This is certainly proof of the resilience, work ethic and resourcefulness of the people living in our close-knit community.


Aquaculture, which includes fish and shellfish farming in Nootka Sound, is a growth industry. Business opportunities in real estate, manufacturing of wood products, mining, hydroelectric power, transportation and film production are all viable.

As a safe and sheltered departure point to the open Pacific Ocean, Tahsis is a perfect base of operations for people in the science and educational communities. At various times, biologists and archeologists have come to examine historic sites and caves in the area. A number of rare animals, amphibians and sea life make their homes in the remote valleys and waters around Nootka Sound, making Tahsis a good eco-educational platform for overseas students as well.


Ecotourism remains a strong component in the Tahsis economy, revolving around chartered fishing, water sports, hiking and wildlife viewing. Employment opportunities are numerous in the summer months, when the tourism season is in full swing.