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Economic Development Strategy

Developing Tahsis

The Village of Tahsis (Tahsis) is a small community with a big vision.

Tahsis is located within the traditional territory of the Mowachaht/Muchalat First Nation, and this region has been home to First Nations peoples for over 4,200 years. The word Tahsis means ‘path’, indicating its historic role as a trade route across the island.

At its peak, Tahsis was a bustling community of 2,500, built on a booming local forestry industry around two mills located in the Nootka Sound/Esperanza region. In 2023, that population stands at 400, and the economic sustainability of the community faces pressures from an aging population, neglected infrastructure (particularly housing and core infrastructure) and opportunities for local employment.

We have many reasons to be optimistic about our future:

  • Our population grew by 100 during the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the fastest rates in BC, as remote working became normal
  • Our village is a destination of choice for many seeking a healthier lifestyle or to live out their retirement years
  • Our fishing is world class and with our breathtaking natural environment draws a reliable stream of visitors all year
  • Our internet will be the same high speed as downtown Vancouver from 2024 through the Connected Coast project
  • Our ambitious program of adding and replacing key service infrastructure proactively means we have recently invested in upgrades to water supply, sewage works, flood protection, docks and wharves, and emergency services, among others

This document sets out a 10-year Strategic Economic Development Plan that has the potential to both provide a sustainable and progressive long-term community for future generations and transform our economy.

It is a bold vision, but one that we are committed to delivering to ensure a bright future for the place we are fortunate to call our home.